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We brew on a 10 BBL steam-fired brewhouse. The heart of the brewhouse is our mash kettle which is used for both the mash and the boil. This set-up allows us to do step mashes and precisely control mash temperature in a compact system that fits our cozy space.

Our cellar has four 10 BBL fermentation vessels which means we can have four different beers fermenting at any given time. As you walk up the ramp along the row of cellar tanks you might just hear the heartbeat of the beer through the airlocks. Sitting in our upper game area, you may also hear the subtle "click" as the glycol solenoids open/close to keep the tanks at the perfect temperature.


We've never been too keen on rules. The Reinheitsgebot - a straightjacket. Style guidelines - like wearing a tie to work. No, our ales are free-spirted and imaginative. They may be inspired by flavors from world cuisines, a find at the local farmer's market or just the insatiable urge to experiment.

While we love beer, we also believe it should accompany conversations not be the center of them. So you won't find us encouraging you to fuss over our beer with tasting notes and fancy adjectives. Instead, we'll encourage you to relax, converse, play a game or otherwise enjoy the camaraderie that beer inspires.

Variety is the spice of life, both as brewer and drinker, so expect our selection to change frequently. See what's on tap today

Find Us

In addition to our tasting room, you can find our beer on tap at a number of bars and restaurants around town. At this time we are draft-only (kegs) and do not offer our beer in bottles/cans (but you can always fill a growler at the brewery).

We currently self-distribute in the city of Seattle and can accommodate requests for deliveries to Bellevue and Kirkland. For current keg availability, pricing or more information please e-mail us:

  • info@floatingbridgebrewing.com